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Our Company

SCI-MACH INDUSTRIAL  is a professionally managed Industrial Equipment & Automation Company established to deliver the best solution available from internationally reputed manufacturers in the field of Industrial Automation like, Process Control, Quality Control, Test & Measurement in Wire & cable , Metal, Tube, Web Converting  Industry & Other Associated Product Quality Measurement & Controls.

SCI-MACH INDUSTRIAL is founded by an Industry veteran with more than 30+ years of experience in Metal, Tube, Web Converting, Wire & cable Industry and Associated Product Quality Measurement & Controls.

SCI-MACH INDUSTRIAL brings you the best in knowledge, experience and technologies in their field. Our team helps you analyse your requirements & present the right solutions, to complement your processes backed by industry leaders.

SCI-MACH INDUSTRIAL has proven to be trustworthy in the industrial, public and private sectors in recent years. We bring you the latest, that the technology has to offer today.

Our Team

The SCI-MACH INDUSTRIAL’s team was carefully selected for specific expertise and the ability to work as a team for a goal. Team members are cross-trained in a number of functions to provide the products and services that our customers demand.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to social & environmental responsibilities that we give due importance. We continuously work to devise ways to protect our environment and earth.



1-Proton Product International of UK:

A leading manufacturer of Single, Dual & 3-Axis Superfast Laser Diameter Gauges, Lump &Neck Detectors, Spark Tester, Wire Pre-Heater, Capacitance Gauge, Length & Speed Gauge.


2-AESA Cortaillod of Switzerland:

Your Partner for Quality: Cable Testing Systems: Enhance quality management and production  performance of electrical wires and cables.

 AESA provides a full range of equipment to fulfil the specificities of all type of cables going from lo frequencies to very high frequencies for wire/pairs/quads, like: LAN Cable, xDSL Cable, Telephone Cable Coax Cables, Industrial Cables (like Railway, instrumentation, signaling etc) & Patch Cords and assemblies.

AESA also provides a full range of equipment to fulfil the specificities of all type of conductors- Solid, stranded, flexible, insulated…- no matter where the measurement has to be performed:


·         In the shop-floor

·         In the laboratory

·         On the production line

·         In the incoming inspection


3-iiM AG Measurement Engineering of Germany:

Expert Tool for Measuring Cable: The optical cable measuring devices of the VisioCablePro® series create high resolution color video images of cable samples with a diameter up to 130 mm. The software’s FMC-3 and VCPEasy additionally helps you to evaluate the images .and by using the CAQ-system ProCable 3 you can archive the obtained results and manage your orders. Furthermore, we offer various devices to prepare cable samples like the ORC-Family for cutting samples with an outer diameter from 0.3 up to 200 mm (0.01 - 7.9 inch) and other devices to inspect cable samples according to the standard IEC EN 60811.


4-LAP GmbH Germany - Laser Application:

LAP laser measurement systems are successfully used worldwide in metals industries, mostly in steel industry. They prove themselves daily in the harsh environment of rolling mills and in similar working conditions. LAP profile measurement systems have been a part of it from the beginning – first with analog sensors, intricate frames and customized software for every customer. Today our systems are equipped with digital laser technology, decoupled carrier frame in solid steel housing with fixed or turning measuring axes, modular software and intuitive user interface with selectable views of profile, process and statistics. Furthermore, our systems are equipped with air purge for cleaning the sensor windows and staying in the temperature range for safe operation and always with minimal maintenance effort. LAP is always here with an open ear for you, our customers, and your special requirements.


LAP is one of the world's leading suppliers of systems that increase quality and efficiency through laser projection, laser measurement, and other processes. Every year, LAP supplies 15,000 units to customers in industries as diverse as radiation therapy, steel production, and composite processing.


 WE    LOVE    WHAT    WE    DO    AND    THIS    IS    THE    KEY    POINT    OF    OUR    SUCCESS    STORY.

  • Our Values

Our core values are Business with ethics, mutual trust & respect. We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we emphasize on precision, quality product features, cost efficient procedures and perfection in all respects. These values have manifested themselves in the constant up gradation of technology and the expansion of existing product line to meet our customer demands.

  • Quality

To bring out value-based quality products has been the vision of our organization. To make our products as the first choice of Indian industry, we ensure that all our products are thoroughly checked and supervised before they are finally delivered to our customers. We have in house trial and testing facilities to ensure that the qualities of our products are maintained at all costs.

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this objective, we are always at your disposal and ready to serve you whenever you need us. We look forward to hear from you always.

  • Vision                                                                                                                              

SCI-MACH INDUSTRIAL’s team along with its partners & principal companies will work as ONE TEAM to provide the most effective and efficient support to end-users and offer the best timely solutions in product, application, and technical service support at an optimal price intended to benefit our customers.